Founder's bio

Jan Mortier served as Rapporteur for the Commission on Globalisation – State of the World Forum conference of world leaders at the European Parliament in Brussels.

He then went on to serve as Rapporteur for President Mikhail Gorbachev’s World Political Forum in Turin and Alessandria, where he drafted reports for the assembled leaders, many of whom were former Heads of State and government in their deliberations for a better world. He later founded Civitatis International at a Council of Europe sponsored conference which later became a consultancy to draft reports for leaders.

Jan has served as rapporteur for the NGO Process of the Community of Democracies in Santiago, Chile, for whom he was co-author of the Document for Ministerial Consideration of the Third Intergovernmental Ministerial meetings of the Community, and for whom he was a founding associate of the European CCD network in Washington D.C. His work, the document, was commended by U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice at the Ministerial Meeting. He later endorsed the Henry Jackson Society as one of its founding signatories.

Jan has worked at the Club of Rome International Secretariat in Switzerland serving two consecutive Secretary Generals of the Club of Rome, formerly of the OECD and the World bank, where he was tasked among other things, to explain the Limits to Growth to humankind. He has been a member of the Club of Rome European Union Chapter in Brussels, having taken part in many meetings of the EU Chapter.

Jan was the only British speaker at the first India Japan Global Partnership Summit, a mega investment conference in Tokyo, where he spoke in the presence of Prime Minister Noda of Japan at the policy forum panel of CEOs, Ambassadors, Members of Parliament and the House of Councilors of Japan, on the future of humanity, industry and energy.

He has served as panel chair at an annual meeting of the Crans Montana Forum for Public Private Partnership investment in Azerbaijan, moderating discussions of Ministers and former Prime Ministers. And has been a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs for over a decade.

Jan has also spoken at President Gorbachev’s New Policy Forum on a new Industrial Revolution for Europe. He has been a Sir David Wills Fellow of the 21st Century Trust, a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar and a member Academic Council on the United Nations System.

Jan has campaigned for parliamentary and council candidates in British elections and in 2010 he was elected Vice Chairman of the City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats, after having served as South West Regional Representative of the LD European Group and co-opted data officer for the local party. He took part, as part of a winning team in landslide victory campaigns for the party across the South West Region, before leading half the party executive to defect and campaign for Labour at the General Election. Prior to his subsequent resignation from British politics Jan served as a freelance researcher to Air Marshal the Lord Garden KCB with regard to Lord Garden’s work on the UK Civil Contingencies Bill and as a constituency caseworker for a Member of Parliament. He has been a member of all three major political parties in Britain.

Presently he serves convenor for the Civitatis Forum, a private discussion and research forum for Heads of Diplomatic Missions.